The marksman Arjun is in disguise of ‘Satyakam’.

It is hard to believe that the chocolate boy Arjun Chakraborty is not a casual actor anymore after performing the critical character like ‘Satyakam’ in Anirban Shil’s new film ‘Byomkesh Gotro’. The character reveals its difficult shades after confessing itself as a womaniser by nature. The craziness of Satyakam is noticed when he asks byomkesh to investigate the case of his murder instead of saving his life. The character demands sensual eyes throughout the film and Arjun never fails to make them immaculate.
As the attention of Satyakam does not miss any woman figure, Satyabati fall in his trap too without even judging him properly at the very early stage. The cleaned shaved glossy face with costly attire helps Satyakam to haunt the women in his locality. Arjun’s ability of throwing sharp dialogues could not be seen unless he played this vital character in this film. Using English term mostly in a Bengali sentence proves of adopting contemporary education at that time. Arjun continuously delivers an invisible touch of richness as the character demands.
Satyakam considers himself as a boy of love but not with a particular woman. He left one girl very easily after having a physical relation with her. This one-sided love from the girl’s end leads us to the hidden pain and abhors of Satyakam which is rarely expressed by him with his slighty changed eyes. As the story flows we come to a conclusion that the desperate mentality of him is only out of his enmity for parents. He takes steps beyond the fear of society and law by trapping the daughter of local police officer in his trap. People in his locality reaches the extreme level of enduring him and start planning to show him the way of hell.
The exciting part that makes the character memorable is the unfaltering condition of Satyakam after all these threats on him. He is drunked but cool; he runs of his enemies but definitely fights back once; he disrespects his parents but makes all his girls financially stable. Finally someone stops him from doing all eternal activities by killing him just in front of his door.
Satyakam died leaving a critical case for Byomkesh and Arjun rises up with his new bow to be the marksman, the Arjuna of Mahavarat.

Srijit’s so called ‘Raja’ in my eyes.

Controversy is always challenging for a renowned director like Srijit Mukherji. From the birth of this movie it was under a state of confusion whether Jishu is good enough to fit himself as the ‘Naga Sanyasi’ or not. The excitement gets double as this character is already played by the Legend Uttam Kumar. But surely it was an excitement not a fear and that’s because of Jishu’s past dedicated acting in several movies.
From my point of view Jishu mostly heard his own rather of the director. Because the level of acting skill needed to play the two different characters in a single movie is not so easy. Not only the change of physical overview but also the entirely different language and accent of Maharaja Mahendra Kumar and the Naga Sanyasi definitely amused the viewers. The time we see in the early part of the movie is under the British rule and naturally Jishu had to left all of his modernism to fit himself in that frame. And in the later part, he had to feel free with unexpectedly long hair and beard like a monk. So I think this journey makes him feel of going to the ‘Sanyas Jivan’ in real life.
Raja Mahendra Kumar, who was the accurate shooter at that time, had an addiction to the females of his estate. The bohemian life although being the king welcomes his marriage to bring him back to the track. But some character remains the same until a big smash on it. Raja does that also and breaks the usual way of changing a person by the marriage. Physical attachment with many women stands him before a life taking sexual disease called syphilis. The wonder of a king’s character reflects all the time in his behavior even at his deathbed arranged by his family Doctor and the brother of his wife. The king with his immutable body requests them not to kill him injecting the poison in vain as it is out of the royalty of the kingdom.
In the second half when he returns as a Naga Sanyasi, left all his aggression that he hold sometime. Now it is the time to be cool and kind. He does not want a body of a women anymore rather looks for God. He never touches the liquor anymore rather finds interest in the homemade card. He does not want his kingdom back rather wants to donate peace and religious thoughts everywhere. The opposite shades of Raja and the monk actually show us the two ups and down situation in a single life.
The long term court case ends with a conclusion that the monk is actually the lost king of the estate who somehow escaped from the cremating ground. The irony also follows its way shortly with the sudden death of Maharaja just after the end of court case. The story tells us what life actually goes through good and bad time. At the same time Jishu proved that he is not only the Byomkesh, father of Uma, Pathfinder of ‘Jatiswar’ but also the ‘Sanyasi Raja’ of the Indian history.

He rises with the Sun but never sets.

We all are crazy in our own way. Atleast we love to live in a state of madness where we can lead our life without any external interference. But this world is a place of ruling class. You have to do what you actually hate to do. We can’t walk in the way we like, can’t speak the words we choose.

Standing in such a perspective a charecter called Bishan Roy from the bengali movie ‘Eagoler Chokh’ shakes me a lot. Although being a negative character it has many shades to explore. A drug addicted, sexually harassed and confused young boy Bishan always does what he likes. Certainty its not the first and last negative charecter in bengali film history to speak in such a way of admiration. What matters is the dedicated acting behind Bishan Roy. The boy was a new face with old experience of playing Drama. I threw the movie name on google to know the casting especially the man who plays Bishan. I got his name with a innocent and too casual face to dive in. He is Anirban Bhattacharya with full of craziness. He speaks like us, not as an celebrity. He lives in today rather thinking about tomorrow. He holds a complete flawless image towards his followers.

He gradually started to drag me to him with his one by one fabulous acting in different movies. He started doing a comedy show in Z bangla with another famous actor Saswata Chatterjee. People,including me get attached with one of his virtues, comedy. I set my mind and considered him as an bengali comedian as he was going very well in that zone.

But this mustermind was thinking something else. He came back in a complete new version with the charecter of our most wanted Byomkesh Bokshi. A detective with a complete family drama and mathematical thinking bounds us to relate our daily life. I was alraedy amused and surrendered to Abir Chatterjee for his brilliant work as Byomkesh under the direction of Anjan Dutta. A bengali android application called Hoichoi brought a series of Byomkesh Bokshi where Anirban was introduced as the so called Mr. Bokshi. I was disappointed to see him there as i was very sure that Byomkesh can’t be done by anyone better than Abir. I sat and started seeing the series and finished it with a new soul of mine. I escaped from my cage of trust where Abir lived. I found Anirban better than Abir for his melting power in the charecter although putting his personal touch everywhere. A touch, an emotion and total involmance to the charecter moved everybody to think again who is better. This dedication did not put him back any more and forces many famous director to cast him in their film. A movie like Uma, short stories like Laboratory of Tagore could not be possible with his presence in the past few months. Bunch of movies are coming where he is ready with the hammer to nail it completely. In my childhood i was little bit confused with the word ‘fan’. Am i a fan of someone? Surely i am now. The man who will make you confused whether to notice him or the charecter he is playing. He is Anirban, a personality that wonders.

Leave your views please.

From televison to webseries : Netflix to attract The Bahubali fans with the prequel of it.

Are we not getting detached with our nostalgic television which we used to see even before five years? Yes we obviously are . We are strictly sticked with our mobile handset almost 18 hours a day. Why will we not do this? We are dealing with almost every technical issues in our mobile. Serial that runs in our television is available in Hotstar or Jio tv. So we are watching those episodes in our free time. Thus there are so many spaces for us, so many liabilities. We don’t wait for the timing of television any more, rather enjoy it when we wish. Now a days it has been a trend of various tv series in several applications. Undoubtedly some of those are good at their own field. I must say about a bengali tv series platform called ‘HOICHOI’ that i personally admire for some of its magnificent contents. A bengali with a mentality of watching bengali content rather than Hindi or English will surely find ‘Byomkesh’ and ‘Ekenbabu’ as a mile stone of bengali tv series and rise of a magnificent bengali actor Anirban Bhattacharya.

But the topic of today is little differnt as Netflix, an unknown and sudden rising application runs to the summit of classy world leaving Amazon Prime Video far behind. We,the bengaliees of westbengal rarely install Netflix in our android or ios mobile because of its high rental charge. Most of us in our state have not heard about this application even. We think of money, but never value the content in return. The truth hides inside our mentality which have not changed since our childhood. We compare the rental charge of Netflix with our monthly cable bill. We speak about the thousand chanels we get in cable connection paying a less money than of Netflix where we get only few countable stories and tv series. We forget about the 900 chanel we never watch in television but will definitely break out the news to everyone that we are getting thousand channels in our television that too over a little rental.

We may not here about Netflix but obviously hold love and emotion for the movie ‘Bahubali’ that has topped in almost everyone’s list of favourite. We melted with the two parts of it, ‘Bahubali the Beginning’ and ‘Bahubali the Conclusion’. But don’t we keep interest in the prevoius story of Bahubali? We surely will love to know about the strong base of the empires of ‘Maheshmati’ before Bahubali. To make us satisfied Netflix is bringing the prequel of ‘Bahubali’ in their platform expecting a sudden rush of new subscriber. Netflix will tell us the story before the beginning of ‘Bahubali’. The rise of Shivgami Devi will be a highlighted part of this series. Definitely it is going to be a thrilling journey for us. Netflix promises to keep it in light very soon like an explosion among the indians. Till you can guess the story idea and can think whether to subscribe to Netflix or not. Feel free to stick your views below.

Thank you.

To be an engineer is not the prime aim of life.

Since the last 40 years parents have chalked out a plan to make their children’s earning healthy in future. If their child is good at mathematics then he or she definitely has to be an engineer. The struggle will keep going through class 11 and 12 to get blessing with a huge number in Higher secondary exam and to get admission in a famous college. But the bird’s eye stays on the seats of engineering college.

Although the seats of engineering colleges are remaining empty for the last few years. Many colleges have been closed too. Still this year 7.5 lakh students will get admission with their dreams of becoming an engineer. The expense of fulfilling this dream is big, especially if the college does not belong to Government. In case of getting admission in management quota is more expensive than the usual one. But this dream is turning into a nightmare actually as they can’t find job after completing their course. Only there is little hope in the field of computer engineering. Those talented students in mathematics doing mechanical, electrical and civil engineering are actually pushing themselves in a deep trouble in future. Some students having the degree of engineering are found as the driver of OLA and UBER. What is the connection between his degree and profession? Its better not to ask the question.

The imbalance of this need and supply is nicely taught us by the head of Larsen and Tubro, the famous engineering college ever. He wrote in his blog that India does not need so many engineer as this country is mainly based on its agriculture.

It is the duty of the guardian to ensure that their children does not see only one dream of becoming an engineer after completing school. It is been a cheap mind to see the Arts lightly. How many doctors and engineer are there who can express themselves in some easy and understandable harmony? In a society where men who are enriched with History, Literature, Law and Philosophy are the real companion of the engineer to make a good society. It is hard to believe that only 7% of the engineer in this world are eligible to carry the responsibility of their job. So think again in chosing aim in life to make it brighter, engineering is not only the option.

Beyond the Clouds – A Story of Black Clouds and silver Thunder.

Life stands us before several problems and sadness. But little joy and love always hang with every sad moment. We keep ourselves so involved with our problems that we can’t extract the sweet moment from that situation. Worldwide famous Iranian director Majid Majidi has told us the story of the silver line of thunder which is gradually getting brighter from the shade of black clouds in his film called ‘Beyond the Clouds’.
The central character of this movie is circled with brother and sister, Amit (Ishan Khattar) and Tara (Malabika Mohanan). They belong to a lower society of Mumbai and naturally live in a slum area. Amit does an illegal business of Drug peddling and her elder sister Tara stays separate from her drunken and violent husband. One day Amit with drugs somehow escapes from police and Tara manages to keep the container of drug to her neighbor Akhhi (Gautam Ghosh). Eventually Akhhi starts taking advantage to get Tara physically but gets a huge injury on his head with a big stone by Tara. Akhhi on his deathbed stays at a hospital and Tara is kept to the police custody. An old woman with two daughters in Akhhi’s family becomes homeless. Amit begins to look after Akhhi completely out of the humanity. Even at a stage he brings that woman and two children of Akhhi’s family in his own house. On the other hand a woman in the same custody where Tara was kept becomes so sick. Tara takes the responsibility of her little son and gets attached with the surprise fascination. In the difficult stages of life their little hopes and joy overpower the sorrows and pain.
The film has moved in its own speed like a painting and a poem through several moments. Although it looks little slow but that never reaches the stage of irritation. The knowledge of limit of the Film maker surely demands admiration. There is sorrow and pain but no melodrama is found anywhere. Cinematography of Anil Mehta has given a solid support to take the film to a new level. He has represented entirely different pictures of the slums in Mumbai. In the field of background music A.R Rahman is perfect. It’s a debut film of Ishan Khattar and plays his role quite brilliantly. He is very spontaneous and a man with high energy level. Malabika Mohanan in the character of his elder sisiter does also a good job. She has expressed every necessary expression naturally in the demand of her character. Especially the character of homeless woman in Akhhi’s family is one of the loveable characters played by G.V Sharada. It’s hard to forget the helpless reflection of her expression. The acting of the child artists is another asset of this movie as each of them has worked beyond expectation.
What happens in the end? This question becomes meaningless coming to a certain stage of the movie. This is because all the characters have already accepted the challenges thrown to them and has started consuming the pain and extracting the joy and love. It is impossible to make out that behind every pain little joy has always hidden. Because the way of walking in life is more truthful than reaching the destination, the wait for achievement is always bigger than achieving something. Thus the film ends through a surprise waiting. It’s not the black cloud, it’s the flashes of silver thunder which teach people to see dream and to live the whole life with it.


Amazon prime video is obviously a revolution in the digital media. This is not just because of its reduction in fast delivery charge but also in the field of creativity to the art. Amazon first showed us a highly talented work of films, drama and web series. They also provide trending movies of particular zone remembering the viewer’s choice. So this is been truly revolutionary in the field of technology.

Another beneficial service of this Amazon Prime video comes with its shipping service and charges. People who are not signed up with this membership had to pay extra charges for the fast delivery service. If you are assigned with this service then Amazon will not take any charges for that. But after the 30 days of trail version customer will face the same charges in case of fast delivery and will also be unable to continue their web series and favorite movie shows. Amazon has that solution also. After completing the 30 days of trail version Amazon will provide us an option to pay Rs 499 per year to continue the services. With those attracting features you will be able to watch your favorite shows there and can avoid extra charge in case of fast delivery as well. But after 1 year Amazon will charge you Rs 999 per year for their brilliant service.

Describing about the homepage of Amazon Prime video is really satisfying as it is arranged in a nice harmony. At the top left of the page there is three options called Home, TV shows and movies and at the top right of the page there is a search option to give viewers a freedom of searching by their choice. This page is also categorized with several classification of entertainment like Latest movies, Latest TV shows, Exclusive movies, Kids and family TV, Holiday special, TV genres, Movies by language and many more.

The Amazon prime video is also an established platform for the artists who get an opportunity to perform in the short films, drama, web series and many more. Directors with their creative artist can open their wings here to show their actual creations in the field of art.

One of the great features of this Amazon prime video is they allow native language in some of the TV shows to reach themselves more closely to the viewers. So after playing the videos you will be given some options at the top right side of the video page to change the language and to take subtitle in your own chosen language. So this video platform is not for the chosen one, it is for all to enjoy a beautiful experience. Amazon Prime video is for the broad minded audience too. It has its own vast library of free and content to be streamed. The viewers will feel little bit discomfort seeing the videos on the computer. The most preferable devices to watch Amazon video are PS3 or Roku that too in an Amazon application. Start enjoying your day with Amazon Prime , its awesome.





Asus is known as one of the finest laptop maker in India. This time also they have not done any mistakes while making Zenbook pro laptop. It is available in super glossy design to spread a genuine beauty in the world of technology. It creates the power to fulfill your dream. It also supplies fuel to your imagination. It will support you throughout the whole day and even wherever you are. It is brilliantly crafted with such new facilities that keep it forward from the last generation. So Zenbook pro is not better, it’s the best.

This super cool laptop is made with aluminum body. The laptop is available in two colors like Royal Blue and Matte Black with diamond-cut edges. Another beneficial feature of this device is its weight. This 1.8 Kg of laptop is highly comfortable for travelers who love to carry their laptop wherever they go. To give it a professional look Asus has made this device 18.9 mm thin without compromising any features because of its thickness. Royal Blue is inspired by the beauty and power of the blue ocean which is an unstoppable force of nature. Matte black represent the awesome power that is hidden within.

This Asus Zenbook has its supreme performance as it is enriched with 7th generation Intel core I7 quad core processor. Eventually it promises a buttery smooth performance while working on it. This super advanced processor leads your dream to a new level. To support this processor Asus has introduced a 6 GB of DDR 4 RAM in this Zenbook pro. They also provides gaming –grade NVDIA Ge Force GTX 1050 graphics to supply an extreme level of video quality in this device. The gamers would love to play games more broadly with the support of this graphics card. It’s beautiful processing power will left many desktop behind. Its Ultra fast up to 1TB PCle*4 SSD storage delivers 3000MB/s read speeds.

As the heat is the most fearful factor of any laptops, Asus has paid concentration on that sector also. With its dual fan cooling system it keeps the laptop cool all time. The fans incorporate three heat pipes. This cooling system keeps it external temperature 2.35 degree cooler than the previous one. The CPU provides 8% better performance than the previous generation. It also provides the boosting operating frequency to 3.8 GHz. So it definitely assures you to match your imagination and creativity.

As it uses latest NVIDIA graphics system with up to 4 GB of GDDR5 video memory it delivers performance that nearly twice as fast as GE Force GTX 960M GPU. As a result it gives support of video rendering, 4K UHD video playback or Ultra detailed 4k UHD gaming. So you are going to have the best graphical support of all time. The 15.6 inches multitask display will truly supports the graphical system perfectly. It has the 4K UHD resolution and 178 degree wide-view technology. The screen to body ratio is 83%.

So this is a device of all quality. Match your desire with it instantly you take it on your lap.

Epson L 210

The Epson L210 is suitable for home, office and for the students who want to print, scan and copy at a super low cost. Now it has become necessary to print or scan several valuable documents in our daily life. As a result we are bound to come in front of scanner regularly to fulfill our need. Epson L210 has succeeded in making us satisfied with its all in one integrated ink system. Not only that, the Micro Piezo print head technology and the genuine ink of Epson has assured us to print for less without even compromising the quality.

First of all Epson L210 will make us believed with its one year warranty service support. It really gives peace in buyers mind being assured at least for one year. So this a great thing Epson does always.

In case of color printing this device gives us liberty to associate with non-genuine refills and third party ink tank systems. To serve this service without a mess, they have fully integrated the purpose built ink tank into the printer. The Epson genuine ink bottle makes it very easy to refill the ink tank with drip-free nozzle and clear labeling.

The most amazing part about this Epson 210 printer is its quick to set up facility. It is really very fast to set up and use the third party ink tank system. To start up, you have to just turn the printer on and prime the ink system and in a flash the printer is ready to use for anything it can. This printer also offers us affordable printing and a very low cost in per copy of print. Each set of high volume ink has the power to print 4000 in Black and 6500 pages in color. In case of both Black and color copies this printer offers very low cost in printing. If we compare Epson L210 with its previous model, we will notice a huge difference from the previous one. The most notable change is about its footprint. Epson L210 has a 12 percent smaller footprint than previous model. So it is a big change that Epson does with its new L210 model. It also complements any work environment.

Now coming to its tech specs is really satisfying job. The technology of this device is super cool and holds a lot of things to share with you. Its printing method is on-demand injects (Piezo electric). Its nozzle configuration is also very good at this generation of technology. It has 180 nozzles Black and 59 nozzles per color. Minimum droplet size of this device is 3 Pl. If we examine its ink quality we will find that this is based on Dye ink technology. The printing resolution of this device is very high. It has the compatibility of 5760* 1440 DPI. Eventually it has the all in one function of printing and scanning.

If we look particularly at the printing function, we will discover its speed of delivering pages. It has the capacity of printing 6 pages/min Monochrome and 3 pages/ min color. So if we elaborate we will find a speed of 69 seconds per 10*15 cm photo on Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper, 15 pages/min colors on plain paper of 75g/m2, 27 pages/min Monochrome plain papers of 75g/m2. The color of this device is speeded in Black, Cyan, Yellow and Magenta. So this would be very attracting while purchasing the products by the customer.

Now we will be reviewing the scanning part of this device. The single-sided scan speed on A4 black is running on 600 DPI and 300 DPI. Single sided scan speed on A4 color is running on 600 DPI and 300 DPI also. The scanning resolution of this device is also very attracting. It has the power of 600 DPI*1200DPI (Horizontal x vertical). The output formats of it are BMP, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF. So the buyers will get a benefit of almost all kind of outputs with this single device. If you ask about the type of this scanner you will get an answer that is called CIS, Contact images sensor.

Paper and media handling of this device is really awesome. It contains one paper tray of which output capacity is of 30 Sheets. The paper formats are Legal, User defined, HLT, 100*148 mm, 20*25 cm, 13*18 cm, 10*15 cm, 9*13 cm, Letter, No, 10 (Envelope), B5, A6, A5 and A4. It has also the multifunction capacity of 50 Sheets Standard, 50 Sheets Maximum and 10 photo sheets.

This Epson 210 is qualified with ENERGY STAR. It has 13 watt of standalone copying system and 1.5 watt of sleep mood. The Supply Voltage system of this device is enriched with AC 100 V-240 V, 50 Hz-60 Hz. The dimension of this device is of 472*300*145 mm (Width*Depth*Height). Although we do not move a printer a lot more but this device is made with a lighter weight of 4.4 kg only.

The noise level of this device is compiled with 5.2 B (A) with Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper/ Photo RPM mode- 37 dB (A) with Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper/ Photo RPM mode. This device is almost compatible with all operating system like Mac OS10.5.8 or later, Mac OS 10.6+, Windows 7, Windows 7* 64, Windows 8 (32/64 bit), Windows Vista, Windows Vista *64, Windows XP, Windows XP*64. The name of the included software in this device is Epson Scan which is very famous in latest technology. The interfaces of this device are USB. The sound power of this device is operated with 5.2 B (A). The pressure of this sound is 37dB (A). Power supply sector of this device is of 220V.  So if we look at the entire box we will discover 4*70 ml individual ink bottles (Bk.C.Y.M), Power cable, Setup guide, Software (CD) and User manual which will help the buyers to understand the device closely.

So this is a device of multifunction and that too in affordable price without compromising the quality.


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