He rises with the Sun but never sets.

We all are crazy in our own way. Atleast we love to live in a state of madness where we can lead our life without any external interference. But this world is a place of ruling class. You have to do what you actually hate to do. We can’t walk in the way we like, can’t speak the words we choose.

Standing in such a perspective a charecter called Bishan Roy from the bengali movie ‘Eagoler Chokh’ shakes me a lot. Although being a negative character it has many shades to explore. A drug addicted, sexually harassed and confused young boy Bishan always does what he likes. Certainty its not the first and last negative charecter in bengali film history to speak in such a way of admiration. What matters is the dedicated acting behind Bishan Roy. The boy was a new face with old experience of playing Drama. I threw the movie name on google to know the casting especially the man who plays Bishan. I got his name with a innocent and too casual face to dive in. He is Anirban Bhattacharya with full of craziness. He speaks like us, not as an celebrity. He lives in today rather thinking about tomorrow. He holds a complete flawless image towards his followers.

He gradually started to drag me to him with his one by one fabulous acting in different movies. He started doing a comedy show in Z bangla with another famous actor Saswata Chatterjee. People,including me get attached with one of his virtues, comedy. I set my mind and considered him as an bengali comedian as he was going very well in that zone.

But this mustermind was thinking something else. He came back in a complete new version with the charecter of our most wanted Byomkesh Bokshi. A detective with a complete family drama and mathematical thinking bounds us to relate our daily life. I was alraedy amused and surrendered to Abir Chatterjee for his brilliant work as Byomkesh under the direction of Anjan Dutta. A bengali android application called Hoichoi brought a series of Byomkesh Bokshi where Anirban was introduced as the so called Mr. Bokshi. I was disappointed to see him there as i was very sure that Byomkesh can’t be done by anyone better than Abir. I sat and started seeing the series and finished it with a new soul of mine. I escaped from my cage of trust where Abir lived. I found Anirban better than Abir for his melting power in the charecter although putting his personal touch everywhere. A touch, an emotion and total involmance to the charecter moved everybody to think again who is better. This dedication did not put him back any more and forces many famous director to cast him in their film. A movie like Uma, short stories like Laboratory of Tagore could not be possible with his presence in the past few months. Bunch of movies are coming where he is ready with the hammer to nail it completely. In my childhood i was little bit confused with the word ‘fan’. Am i a fan of someone? Surely i am now. The man who will make you confused whether to notice him or the charecter he is playing. He is Anirban, a personality that wonders.

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4 thoughts on “He rises with the Sun but never sets.

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  1. You have stolen the words from my heart.Yes,Anirban deserves such an enriched article.His creations have been displayed by one of the most beautiful creative writings.

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  2. Anirban Bhattacharya deserve it. Really amazing. Love dis man and just love his acting..He is just outstanding. And one day dis guy will become the sun of the Indian Film Industry. What a look, what a voice, what a amazing personality..Love you Anirban sir.


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