From televison to webseries : Netflix to attract The Bahubali fans with the prequel of it.

Are we not getting detached with our nostalgic television which we used to see even before five years? Yes we obviously are . We are strictly sticked with our mobile handset almost 18 hours a day. Why will we not do this? We are dealing with almost every technical issues in our mobile. Serial that runs in our television is available in Hotstar or Jio tv. So we are watching those episodes in our free time. Thus there are so many spaces for us, so many liabilities. We don’t wait for the timing of television any more, rather enjoy it when we wish. Now a days it has been a trend of various tv series in several applications. Undoubtedly some of those are good at their own field. I must say about a bengali tv series platform called ‘HOICHOI’ that i personally admire for some of its magnificent contents. A bengali with a mentality of watching bengali content rather than Hindi or English will surely find ‘Byomkesh’ and ‘Ekenbabu’ as a mile stone of bengali tv series and rise of a magnificent bengali actor Anirban Bhattacharya.

But the topic of today is little differnt as Netflix, an unknown and sudden rising application runs to the summit of classy world leaving Amazon Prime Video far behind. We,the bengaliees of westbengal rarely install Netflix in our android or ios mobile because of its high rental charge. Most of us in our state have not heard about this application even. We think of money, but never value the content in return. The truth hides inside our mentality which have not changed since our childhood. We compare the rental charge of Netflix with our monthly cable bill. We speak about the thousand chanels we get in cable connection paying a less money than of Netflix where we get only few countable stories and tv series. We forget about the 900 chanel we never watch in television but will definitely break out the news to everyone that we are getting thousand channels in our television that too over a little rental.

We may not here about Netflix but obviously hold love and emotion for the movie ‘Bahubali’ that has topped in almost everyone’s list of favourite. We melted with the two parts of it, ‘Bahubali the Beginning’ and ‘Bahubali the Conclusion’. But don’t we keep interest in the prevoius story of Bahubali? We surely will love to know about the strong base of the empires of ‘Maheshmati’ before Bahubali. To make us satisfied Netflix is bringing the prequel of ‘Bahubali’ in their platform expecting a sudden rush of new subscriber. Netflix will tell us the story before the beginning of ‘Bahubali’. The rise of Shivgami Devi will be a highlighted part of this series. Definitely it is going to be a thrilling journey for us. Netflix promises to keep it in light very soon like an explosion among the indians. Till you can guess the story idea and can think whether to subscribe to Netflix or not. Feel free to stick your views below.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “From televison to webseries : Netflix to attract The Bahubali fans with the prequel of it.

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  1. sounding too interesting to me and probably to all of those who are out of home and bound to maintain a distance from t.v.Apart from that the most beautiful part of the article is the reference of bengali webseris and bengali actors.A flavlour of compling is smelt.

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