To be an engineer is not the prime aim of life.

Since the last 40 years parents have chalked out a plan to make their children’s earning healthy in future. If their child is good at mathematics then he or she definitely has to be an engineer. The struggle will keep going through class 11 and 12 to get blessing with a huge number in Higher secondary exam and to get admission in a famous college. But the bird’s eye stays on the seats of engineering college.

Although the seats of engineering colleges are remaining empty for the last few years. Many colleges have been closed too. Still this year 7.5 lakh students will get admission with their dreams of becoming an engineer. The expense of fulfilling this dream is big, especially if the college does not belong to Government. In case of getting admission in management quota is more expensive than the usual one. But this dream is turning into a nightmare actually as they can’t find job after completing their course. Only there is little hope in the field of computer engineering. Those talented students in mathematics doing mechanical, electrical and civil engineering are actually pushing themselves in a deep trouble in future. Some students having the degree of engineering are found as the driver of OLA and UBER. What is the connection between his degree and profession? Its better not to ask the question.

The imbalance of this need and supply is nicely taught us by the head of Larsen and Tubro, the famous engineering college ever. He wrote in his blog that India does not need so many engineer as this country is mainly based on its agriculture.

It is the duty of the guardian to ensure that their children does not see only one dream of becoming an engineer after completing school. It is been a cheap mind to see the Arts lightly. How many doctors and engineer are there who can express themselves in some easy and understandable harmony? In a society where men who are enriched with History, Literature, Law and Philosophy are the real companion of the engineer to make a good society. It is hard to believe that only 7% of the engineer in this world are eligible to carry the responsibility of their job. So think again in chosing aim in life to make it brighter, engineering is not only the option.

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  1. Now a days it is a hard reality.Students and their parents often forget that Science means special knowledge ,not just medical and engineering.There is job crisis in every stream,but success comes through the way of hard working and self confidence.Engineering can also be a way to reach the goal,but it can not be one and only way to decorate one’s golden future.The article creats a moment to be proud to build up a relation with literature.


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