Beyond the Clouds – A Story of Black Clouds and silver Thunder.

Life stands us before several problems and sadness. But little joy and love always hang with every sad moment. We keep ourselves so involved with our problems that we can’t extract the sweet moment from that situation. Worldwide famous Iranian director Majid Majidi has told us the story of the silver line of thunder which is gradually getting brighter from the shade of black clouds in his film called ‘Beyond the Clouds’.
The central character of this movie is circled with brother and sister, Amit (Ishan Khattar) and Tara (Malabika Mohanan). They belong to a lower society of Mumbai and naturally live in a slum area. Amit does an illegal business of Drug peddling and her elder sister Tara stays separate from her drunken and violent husband. One day Amit with drugs somehow escapes from police and Tara manages to keep the container of drug to her neighbor Akhhi (Gautam Ghosh). Eventually Akhhi starts taking advantage to get Tara physically but gets a huge injury on his head with a big stone by Tara. Akhhi on his deathbed stays at a hospital and Tara is kept to the police custody. An old woman with two daughters in Akhhi’s family becomes homeless. Amit begins to look after Akhhi completely out of the humanity. Even at a stage he brings that woman and two children of Akhhi’s family in his own house. On the other hand a woman in the same custody where Tara was kept becomes so sick. Tara takes the responsibility of her little son and gets attached with the surprise fascination. In the difficult stages of life their little hopes and joy overpower the sorrows and pain.
The film has moved in its own speed like a painting and a poem through several moments. Although it looks little slow but that never reaches the stage of irritation. The knowledge of limit of the Film maker surely demands admiration. There is sorrow and pain but no melodrama is found anywhere. Cinematography of Anil Mehta has given a solid support to take the film to a new level. He has represented entirely different pictures of the slums in Mumbai. In the field of background music A.R Rahman is perfect. It’s a debut film of Ishan Khattar and plays his role quite brilliantly. He is very spontaneous and a man with high energy level. Malabika Mohanan in the character of his elder sisiter does also a good job. She has expressed every necessary expression naturally in the demand of her character. Especially the character of homeless woman in Akhhi’s family is one of the loveable characters played by G.V Sharada. It’s hard to forget the helpless reflection of her expression. The acting of the child artists is another asset of this movie as each of them has worked beyond expectation.
What happens in the end? This question becomes meaningless coming to a certain stage of the movie. This is because all the characters have already accepted the challenges thrown to them and has started consuming the pain and extracting the joy and love. It is impossible to make out that behind every pain little joy has always hidden. Because the way of walking in life is more truthful than reaching the destination, the wait for achievement is always bigger than achieving something. Thus the film ends through a surprise waiting. It’s not the black cloud, it’s the flashes of silver thunder which teach people to see dream and to live the whole life with it.

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