Asus is known as one of the finest laptop maker in India. This time also they have not done any mistakes while making Zenbook pro laptop. It is available in super glossy design to spread a genuine beauty in the world of technology. It creates the power to fulfill your dream. It also supplies fuel to your imagination. It will support you throughout the whole day and even wherever you are. It is brilliantly crafted with such new facilities that keep it forward from the last generation. So Zenbook pro is not better, it’s the best.

This super cool laptop is made with aluminum body. The laptop is available in two colors like Royal Blue and Matte Black with diamond-cut edges. Another beneficial feature of this device is its weight. This 1.8 Kg of laptop is highly comfortable for travelers who love to carry their laptop wherever they go. To give it a professional look Asus has made this device 18.9 mm thin without compromising any features because of its thickness. Royal Blue is inspired by the beauty and power of the blue ocean which is an unstoppable force of nature. Matte black represent the awesome power that is hidden within.

This Asus Zenbook has its supreme performance as it is enriched with 7th generation Intel core I7 quad core processor. Eventually it promises a buttery smooth performance while working on it. This super advanced processor leads your dream to a new level. To support this processor Asus has introduced a 6 GB of DDR 4 RAM in this Zenbook pro. They also provides gaming –grade NVDIA Ge Force GTX 1050 graphics to supply an extreme level of video quality in this device. The gamers would love to play games more broadly with the support of this graphics card. It’s beautiful processing power will left many desktop behind. Its Ultra fast up to 1TB PCle*4 SSD storage delivers 3000MB/s read speeds.

As the heat is the most fearful factor of any laptops, Asus has paid concentration on that sector also. With its dual fan cooling system it keeps the laptop cool all time. The fans incorporate three heat pipes. This cooling system keeps it external temperature 2.35 degree cooler than the previous one. The CPU provides 8% better performance than the previous generation. It also provides the boosting operating frequency to 3.8 GHz. So it definitely assures you to match your imagination and creativity.

As it uses latest NVIDIA graphics system with up to 4 GB of GDDR5 video memory it delivers performance that nearly twice as fast as GE Force GTX 960M GPU. As a result it gives support of video rendering, 4K UHD video playback or Ultra detailed 4k UHD gaming. So you are going to have the best graphical support of all time. The 15.6 inches multitask display will truly supports the graphical system perfectly. It has the 4K UHD resolution and 178 degree wide-view technology. The screen to body ratio is 83%.

So this is a device of all quality. Match your desire with it instantly you take it on your lap.

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