Amazon prime video is obviously a revolution in the digital media. This is not just because of its reduction in fast delivery charge but also in the field of creativity to the art. Amazon first showed us a highly talented work of films, drama and web series. They also provide trending movies of particular zone remembering the viewer’s choice. So this is been truly revolutionary in the field of technology.

Another beneficial service of this Amazon Prime video comes with its shipping service and charges. People who are not signed up with this membership had to pay extra charges for the fast delivery service. If you are assigned with this service then Amazon will not take any charges for that. But after the 30 days of trail version customer will face the same charges in case of fast delivery and will also be unable to continue their web series and favorite movie shows. Amazon has that solution also. After completing the 30 days of trail version Amazon will provide us an option to pay Rs 499 per year to continue the services. With those attracting features you will be able to watch your favorite shows there and can avoid extra charge in case of fast delivery as well. But after 1 year Amazon will charge you Rs 999 per year for their brilliant service.

Describing about the homepage of Amazon Prime video is really satisfying as it is arranged in a nice harmony. At the top left of the page there is three options called Home, TV shows and movies and at the top right of the page there is a search option to give viewers a freedom of searching by their choice. This page is also categorized with several classification of entertainment like Latest movies, Latest TV shows, Exclusive movies, Kids and family TV, Holiday special, TV genres, Movies by language and many more.

The Amazon prime video is also an established platform for the artists who get an opportunity to perform in the short films, drama, web series and many more. Directors with their creative artist can open their wings here to show their actual creations in the field of art.

One of the great features of this Amazon prime video is they allow native language in some of the TV shows to reach themselves more closely to the viewers. So after playing the videos you will be given some options at the top right side of the video page to change the language and to take subtitle in your own chosen language. So this video platform is not for the chosen one, it is for all to enjoy a beautiful experience. Amazon Prime video is for the broad minded audience too. It has its own vast library of free and content to be streamed. The viewers will feel little bit discomfort seeing the videos on the computer. The most preferable devices to watch Amazon video are PS3 or Roku that too in an Amazon application. Start enjoying your day with Amazon Prime , its awesome.




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