Fairfax is a beautiful town to visit in South Carolina, United States. There are lots of choices for you to enjoy and to be witness of several magical moments. Here the 5 things you should visit once.


  1. If you are a History lover, you will definitely love the Rivers Bridge State Historic site in Fairfax. It is just 17.4 km away from your base. The place is so valuable and historically important for its immense preserved battlefield park. There are trails, cemeteries, interpretive signs and a many other antics.
  2. People who love to add freshness in their stressed life can surely step into Barnwell State Park for relaxation as well as to enjoy the beauty of it. It is 41 Km away from Fairfax and will lead you to the heaven of greenery. This place holds a building for gathering, Camping sports and they also provide cabins for rent. Kids will enjoy also seeing the playing area and one who loves to catch fish will also get a chance of fishing.
  3. Another option to have face to face with Jesus Christ is Old Brick Church. It is just 48.8 Km away from your town. It is said that History is preserved here for a long time. The writing on the wall from the Civil war will definitely warm your patriotic vision up instantly.
  4. In case of participating in an event you can surely try the Crab feast of South East Yemassee, SC. This event is enriched with Low Country Coastal Heritage of outdoor cooking of fresh seafood. This will offer you to eat fresh Blue Crabs, fish and Chips.
  5. Hampton County Literacy is the Last but not the least option mentioned in this article. This is a 5K color fun run. This year they have made a little change in routes. There will be a shorter root for the children and adults who are unable to run the entire 5K.


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