The earth becomes paradise for the gamers when Microsoft introduced their new X BOX ONE X device to witness games in 4k version. This valuable extension on the video will definitely feel a power to the game lovers. Talking about its console is truly satisfying as it has 40% more power than any other console in this world.

The processor being very fast with the 8-core Custom AMD CPU cloaked at 203 GHz provides us a smoother game play always. It is a mind-blowing facility not to break concentration while playing game.

One of the most satisfying features of this X box one is its memory. It gives a freedom to run this device more smoothly than it was before. It is compiled with 12GB GDDR5 graphic memory to enable further horizons. This suitable facility will also reduce the loading time of a game which is mostly desirable for the game lovers. Most of them hate to see the loading line as they remain very excited before starting a game.

Coming to its look and design is always a beautiful feeling. This polished x box in dark black color definitely looks sexier than any other play stations. The highly designed logo “X” looks superb at the bottom left.

Another most valuable feature of this device comes in front as it is poured with a 6 Teraflop GPU. The specs and technology of this device is really cool with some elements that donate to the improved performance. It also improves graphical prowess. The one X is completely changed because it gives Ultra HD images. As a result your 4k TV is definitely going to be a proper useful device as this device makes proper uses of pixel. The good thing is that you will see some games that supports gamut HDR and eventually more colorful reflect will be there on gamers eyes.

In case of memory bandwidth the graphics of this game are faster than it was before. The detailing is done with its 326GB/sec memory bandwidth. It keeps the momentum of the game flowing and help the gamers to play a satisfying, buttery smooth game. It also allows playing on X box live which is the most advanced gaming network in the world. This X box has the huge storage capacity of 1 TB which is just good enough for any users in that budget.

Some other priceless offers like Blu-ray movies in stunning 4k ultra HD is available in this device. Game lovers also can stream 4k video on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more. So X box one X is giving a lot of attracting facilities at the same time. As a result buying this product will open a lot of options like playing and watching favorites to the buyers.

The audio section is enriched with premium Dolby atmosphere and will spread a theatrical environment to the home. Gamers will find themselves there as a character of it and surely going to enjoy a lot more.


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